Welcome to Cost2Build. This program will allow you to view and receive a price for your new custom home without leaving your chair. From now on, it is not necessary to spend money on the design fees before determining what your new home will cost.

The Cost2Build is similar to a cost sheet most builders use to determine the actual cost of construction. We have taken it a couple of steps further.

By selecting the city in which you want your new home built determines a great deal in the final cost. Most all cities have different sales tax, development fees and requirements that help determine the final cost.

Floor Elevation
There is a direct cost for elevating your floor for irrigation or a sloping site. This will help you compare different lots you have selected.

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This Cost2Build includes the following costs of Construction:

Plan Design and Construction Plans
Structural Engineering, as required
Complete Construction Cost, as described
State and City Sales Tax
Specific costs required by City/County Codes
Even a $500 Water Meter Allowance

This Cost2Build does not calculate the following, which must be later addressed in a proposal:

Land Cost
Construction Financing
Site Preparation (if necessary).


All homes are single level and are based on the following specs:

A Concrete Floor, 6" above building site.
2x6 exterior walls (either 8' and vaulted ceilings or 10' and flat ceilings). Stucco with a Lace Finish.
Concrete tile roof (Monier, Eagle or a Flat Roof).
Dual Pane Windows -- Adobe Gray, White, or Dark Brown frames.
Interior Doors -- Masonite Raised Panel.
All garages to be finished (Textured & Painted).
200 Amp Electric Service (overhead or underground).
A/C to be roof or ground mounted -- 12 SEER.
$500 Water Meter, 100' of water line from PL to Home.
Granite Kitchen Counter Tops (Group One)

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